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What is a SMALL GROUP ?

 A definition of “small group” provided by John Wesley:


          “… a company of [persons] having the form and seeking the power of godliness, united in order to pray together, to receive the word of exhortation, and to watch over one another in love, that they may help each other to work out their salvation.”


          Life happens in circles not rows.


          A small group is 3 to 15 people who meet regularly to simply do life together and grow spiritually individually, together, and grow stronger with their faith. Group members can share the ways that God is at work in their lives and do all in their power to cooperate with God’s grace. This can be through weekly encounters of fellowship, a Bible Study, or an outreach program or event. Small Groups are not bound by any structure except the Core Values of the church. 


         Currently, Outlaw Church is looking for Small Group hosts and participants. So, if you're interested in hosting or joining a Small Group, click below and get connected. 

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