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Every 4th Saturday

Outlaw Church is a church that serves.

Our Foundational core value "Serve God, Serve people" is something we truly try to live by. We believe outreach is one of the ways we can reach people right where they are in life and show them the love of Jesus Christ. 

People sometimes need assistance, so we're trying to feed that need. Outlaw Church has partnered with Greater Kings Chapel in Abingdon, Virginia to assist local people with whatever need they may have. Be it prayer, food, or clothing- we're aiming to help them.
If you or your church want to be a part of the growing movement of outreach and love in our community, please click below and sign up to volunteer with us. If you can't meet in person, you can still fill out the form and donate food, clothing, toiletries, supplies, etc. that can benefit our joint ministry with other churches.  

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