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We're relocating!

OUTLAW CHURCH is moving. That's right, we're relocating to a new facility near downtown Bristol VA. & TN.
In the complete transparency of moving, there are a lot of costs. So, to help us navigate the costs we need, we've created some fundraisers to help raise the amount needed to move. If you're not interested in participating in a fundraiser but would like to give, you still can. At the bottom of this page are links you can follow to simply donate. 

When we move, we'll be able to accomplish the following:

Vision 1.jpg
Vision 2.jpg
Vision 3.jpg

We would love for you to be a part of our foundation. At our new facility, we will be developing a memorial or tribute wall that you can contribute to. For a minimum donation of $25, you can purchase a 3x6 tile that will be a permanent addition to our church. 

You can purchase the tile in memory of someone, put a name in honor of, or put your favorite scripture on it. You will be an integral part of the next phase of Outlaw Church and assisting in securing a permanent location to help share the love of Jesus with a bigger community. 


Tile Fundraiser


Tupperware Fundraiser

One of the ways Outlaw Church is raising funds is through various fundraisers. Michelle Young from Tupperware has graciously offered to donate a portion of sales from her Tupperware Group directly to Outlaw Church. Head on over to her Group and check out what she has!


Ways to Give

Online Giving


Download the Tithely app or visit their website.


Donate via Square. 


Donate via Cash App

Mailing a check?

Our Mailing Address is:

Outlaw Ministries
239 New York St.
Bristol, VA. 24201

In Person

Feel free to drop tithes, offerings, and donations in our in-person drop box located in the sanctuary.

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