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Can't make it in person?
Watch every Sunday at 11am right here!

Who are we?

We're Outlaws. Saddle Up!  

What makes us different?

We're an inclusive gathering of imperfect people committed to doing Christ's work in the world and helping those in our communities. 

What To Expect

A great worship experience full of jeans, shorts, skirts, suits, and whatever else people feel like wearing. We don't care what you wear, we just want you here.


Expect a welcoming atmosphere where you will experience God's love, fellowship, and family for around 75 minutes.

Our church was founded in 2021 to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unchurched, the needy, the broken, the hurt, and the unloved. We believe in ministering to people right where they are and simply show that Jesus loves them.


Jesus was considered an outlaw to many. He didn't advance his ministry in a temple, he advanced it on the streets with those who needed Him. Jesus was crucified for speaking the truth that He was the Son of God.

This is a true non-denominational, no-legalistic, no frills, all-about-Jesus church! Come and see what God is doing!  

Our Foundations

These are the core values we base our entire church on. They are the foundation of everything we do.

Love God
Love people

Serve God
Serve People

Allow God to
Shape us

Connect people to God and one another

be Generous in everything

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